Import and Export Consultancy

The experts for your work

Exceed has a multi-disciplinary team of professionally qualified Operations Research and Logistics’ Engineering experts able to deal with a wide range of challenges.

The company co-operates with local and overseas consultancy and research institutions for access to specialized knowledge.

The process

We advise you on import or export operations, see the complete picture before you start the process, explain all the obstacles you may face and provide you with the best solutions. We will also study all the financial costs associated with this process.

We provide rational alternatives and solution proposals that are special to your company, after analyzing logistics, clearance, methods of international payment and delivery. By doing so, we do minimize your import and export costs within the frame of legislations and regulations.

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Why us?

We will offer you training, consultancy and advisory so you can benefit from:

  • Reducing your time wastage and costs
  • Increasing your capacity and productivity
  • Implementing & sustaining positive changes.

Customs advisor/Customs consultancy

Knowing the threats and the continuous changes in the world of customs, we are ready to ease your business work by putting all our expertise in your hands.

We, not only will solve your problems, but will guide and advise you to prevent you from facing them.

Our very well experienced team will work hard to solve your problems by estimating the customs charges for your shipments and guiding you to the required documents for the customs clearance.

We will ease all the procedures because we know how to deal with customs regulations.

We will assure you a quick release of your shipments.

Through our team, we will draw you the best solutions with respect of all shipping and payment methods.

We will make sure to offer you the best advisory by:

  • Putting all our experience in the field under your disposal.
  • Benefiting from all our resources in the world of customs.
  • Assuring you the best and fastest solutions.

Drawback & Temporary Release Consultancy

Drawback is considered one of the customs regulations applicable to industrial activities with a view to refunding customs duties previously paid during the importation process, when exported back abroad.

We, as a first step, study your professional industrialization and determine the inputs and outputs of the production process accurately and work with the Industrial Control Authority to determine the percentages and quantities of raw materials used in the manufacturing processes to reach the final product, as well as determine the percentage of the dead (we usually call it wastage or waste instead of dead) (within the permissible limits) Productivity.

We then work on customs tariff adjustments and submit them to the competent authorities until the customs duties are refunded (in the case of the Drawback) or proof of the export process (in the case of provisional permit).

You can save your money and save time and effort through the Temporary Allowance System which exempt you from paying customs duties until proof of the full export process. Letting us be your consultant will provide you with:

  • Evaluation for your duty opportunities and appraisal for the expected recovery amounts by our experienced team.
  • Setting up a complete drawback program because we have the KNOW-HOW.
  • Educating your staff in ongoing operation by our team and ensure they can run it smoothly.
  • Time management and accuracy.

VAT Refund Consultation

Our group

The VAT Refund group offers services to help our clients with their VAT refund application. It is composed of well experienced Sworn Financial Advisors and experts who keep a close watch on the procedures envisaged and the attitude adopted by the tax authorities. This dedicated group works exclusively on VAT refund projects.

The Services

Checking the accuracy of the refundable VAT amount based on the statutory records and relevant legislation.

  • Preparations of the VAT refund certification report to be submitted to the relevant tax office.
  • Analysis of the transactions that give VAT refund right and optimization of VAT refund status.
  • Consulting on VAT refund legislation.

Why us?

Through our team, we carry this effort and we study your activities and follow up until the recovery of taxes is paid.

With us:

  • You do not lose time to collect info
  • You limit the risk of your claim being rejected or partially accepted.
  • You gain autonomy for your future submissions
  • You secure the right refund without wasting time.

Export Subsidy & Ocean Freight Refund Consultation

We design our freight management programs to save our customers money. By providing our clientele with our accurate and transparent consultancy services, we will maximize your supply chain’s efficiency.

Our services will support your exports cycle and the return of shipping when it happens.

The Egyptian government represented by the Export Promotion and Development Fund, and as a kind of export promotion, provides financial support for some export activities such as:

  • Financial support on the value of the exported product (estimated by a specific percentage of the value of each export)
  • Financial support for shipping operations (for African countries only)

We study your export activities and determine the percentage of subsidy due, as well as processing all documents related to the support benefits and work to provide them and follow up with the competent authorities to obtain the support due.

Practical Training

Nowadays, logistics’ management requires a tireless commitment to higher service levels and faster cycle time while reducing total cost.

Business leaders are increasingly relying on their employees’ skills, knowledge and experience to get the job done.

We will help you invest in your team!

We are devoted to helping you implement the knowledge and take action in the right context that creates a strong value through INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS and International Certification programs.

Our trained professional staff will expand your team’s knowledge and train them for expectations, sourcing and possible limitations and obstacles involved in supply chain and logistic business strategies.

Training and talent development enable you to become a leader outperform your competitors in key metrics of business performance.

Such benefits include:

  • Increasing profitability by reducing operation costs.
  • Enhancing productivity and competitiveness through improved Customer Service.
  • Positioning your company for growth with elevated supply chain and logistic velocity
  • Obtaining a very well-trained team who is capable to deal with any kind of threats and problems.